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It’s me Sylvester Edmonds creator of Realm of Spirits. Before the start of Awesome Con 2018 I tried my best to prepare for it. Comic books, poster, and sell phone cases. Not only that the very first cosplay villain of an original indie comic Lillitu daughter of Lilith.

Yet the whole time I felt like I still wasn’t fully prepared and I wasn’t. I had no power for laptops so new fans can see Waking Eyes motion comic for the first time. So it was up to me to tell the story of the first night of an ancient prophecy.

Some of the time I wished the Xong Brother and Ani Ghosh were there. For people to see who drew the art fans like and give hope to future artists and that’s something I truly care about.

Speaking of things I truly care about; many little girls came to the Waking Eyes Comics booth with their mothers. Their focus was on Shemia and after that one by one they wanted to know about her.

Shemia is physically the strongest of all her siblings. She has the power to lift anything with her mind combining spirit, mind, and emotion. Her telepathy can find any lie to reveal truth but she cannot control a mind. Her greatest fear is being alone in the darkness of nothing.

At the time Shemia’s script wasn’t finished yet so I worked on it for 5 hours a day while laid off from work I had time on my hands. And now that the script is finished I feel there is something missing a fear from the past that I have failed before to raise funds for Realm of Spirits issue #1, and now here I am preparing to raise funds for issue #2 and also thinking I’ve got to find a way for this to work as I remember the little girls who saw Shemia’s poster and felt powerful.

I am beginning to understand now what I must do now. 

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So here is an amazing piece of art for a brand NEW project coming called Realm of Spirits by Sylvester Edmonds a friend of our page... You can find out more and keep track of the project at :


We are supporting this project now and through its kickstarter campaign when it happens so make sure you follow Sylvester's page and also here

As always please feel free to like and share and help spread awareness of this intriguing project... Thank you guys

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Realm of Spirits: They are being hunted Chapter 3 Blossom of the North Star How the story compares to the comic script 

Realm of Spirits: They are being hunted Chapter 3 Blossom of the North Star How the story compares to the comic script

Realm of Spirits: They are being hunted was published in 2014 and I reviewed it in 2015. I was in love with the story from the start and knew it would go far. The characters jumped from the page and dazzled you in a way that many stories failed to do and I couldn't help but think that if put into comic book form where you could actually see the characters come to life this story would be literally Unstoppable!

On January 20. 2015 I wrote a review about this novel saying.

This was a incredible read! Sylvester Edmonds is a wonderful author! I was fascinated when reading the synapses of this one and decided I need it give it a go. I don't read religious books as a rule but am a big fan of books having to do with angels and Nephilim so this one intrigued me.

This one is a short but very intriguing story that keeps you entertained from front to back and is defiantly action packed with baby's popping out everywhere..lol I couldn't put the book down for a second and thought that Edmonds take on the whole thing was brilliant. My favorite baby being born was the phoenix, as it has always been one of my favorite mythological creatures. Another thing I liked about this were the beautiful colored pages at the front and back! I found it really added to the book and I think as the book is so short turning the whole thing into a graphic novel would make it really cool and add to the story.

I defiantly recommend this book to others who would like to give it a try as I did.

I have been patiently following the progress of Waking Eyes Comics since they started working on the comic and every time I get more and more impressed as the characters I remember come to life in drawings and then at the appearance of Realm of Spirits at Awesome Con 2018. I am so amazingly proud of Sylvester and all he has achieved with this story.The new comic is going to rock peoples socks off! its so much more then a story its a journey, one that inspires the mind and feeds the soul.

you can find Sylvester and his book at the following links



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By Sylvester Edmonds


Southern Maryland Comic Con 2018


I was great great back that the Southern Marland Comic con, but this time it was held in Waldorf maryland where it oringally started in 2015. 

But before the event I was asked by a local film student Tionte, who was making a documentary on diversity in comic books and asked if he could interview me at the convention. I was more that excited because its not just about me getting exposure, its about all creators.

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Here are a couple of the characters from the new comic Realm of Spirits by Waking Eyes Comics.. This fantasy/Sword & Soul comic is beautiful trust us and definitely worth checking out... Go to :


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kingkanes_worldi never thought people like yall existed. i been tryin to find stuff like this for ages. This is what kind of comics that i want to do and achieve

Wayne's Comics Podcast

Featuring Realm of Spirits


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It’s another great double-header weekend, this time in Episode 339! First up is the return of Richard Rivera, creator of Stabbity Bunny, who has new issues coming soon!  We talk about what we might expect in issue #7 and beyond! We also look at the return of several of Richard’s characters from another series, and talk about Shadow Play, coming in January! Busy guy! For more on the series, check out his websiteand the Scout Comics online store!

Then everything wraps up with Sylvester Edmonds, who brought together his Indie series Realm of Spirits: Birth of a Living Storm. This book explores situations related to the Biblical story of Moses. We discuss the characters and what else we might expect from him in the near future! For more, read this article on the book!